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    What do you want for your son as he grows up? What kind of young man do you want him to become?
Imagine you could see right now where your son will be in five to ten years. Every parent is different, but some of the most common traits they desire are for their sons are for them to be well-rounded, respectful, physically fit, reverent, intelligent, confident, and adventuresome. Plus they want them to be leaders, prepared to go on to high school, college, and the workforce with the character they need to succeed.

What if we told you we had a program that could instill these values?
Every level of Scouting builds on the one before it; as Scouts grow older they develop more confidence, more skills, and more responsibility. First graders have the Tiger program, where the motto "Seek, Discover and Share" guides the activities they do with their Tiger Cub partner (their parent or guardian). Second and third graders have the traditional Cub Scouting program, where the motto "Do Your Best" teaches them to be a little more confident and self-reliant. Fourth and fifth graders have the Webelos program, a transition from Cubs to the Boy Scout program, where they begin learning how the Boy Scout motto "Be Prepared" guides them into more adventuresome activities in the outdoors. Check out our Photos Page and Calendar Page for a few examples of our activities.

The real adventure begins in Boy Scouts, for 11 to 17 year-olds, where youth advance through the ranks with Eagle Scout as their goal. Watch a few Boy Scout activities in our brother unit Troop 10 and you'll see where your son could be in a few years. You'll see how these young men themselves, under the expert guidance of experienced adults, are leading their fellow youth, providing hours of service to the community, exploring potential careers though the merit badge program, and learning to be mature adults of good character. That journey for your boy can start right here in Pack 48.