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You're sponsored by a Catholic Church. Do I have to be Catholic or go to St. Anthony School to join Pack 48?
No. We are open to boys of all faiths and from any school (or home-school).

We're really busy. Why should I join your program when I have so much going on?
It's tough to spend time together as a family these days, but Cub Scouting builds ready-made activities you can actually do together as a family. Our fun racing events like the Raingutter Regatta and Pinewood Derby are open to siblings. We even have a Pinewood race for adults and older kids! We have a family-oriented camping program that helps you spend time in the outdoors together without having to be expert campers. We do pitch-in dinners at our Raingutter Regatta and Christmas Luau Swim Party. And siblings are welcome at all events (except certain Webelos campouts when the Scouts are learning to be more on their own and to get ready for Boy Scouts).

My son plays sports. Can he still be a Cub Scout?
Yes. Scouting is all about teaching kids to be well-rounded through our variety of activities we do. Sport programs are a part of that and we do not compete with athletics. We are flexible with attendance and offer opportunities to catch up on missed meetings. In Scouting, everyone plays the game--we have no bench, no cuts, and no "B team." Plus we emphasize trying out a lot of different sports and fitness activities though our belt loop and pin program. Ask some of our Eagle Scout alumni who still excelled at school sports programs and they tell you that the leadership and fitness skills they learned as Scouts helped them excel. Visit our Why Scouting? Page to learn more.

We have a hard time getting by financially. How much does Scouting cost?
No child should be denied the experience of Scouting because his family cannot afford it. We do have fees and uniforms you have to pay for along the way, but they are much less than you may find in a lot of other programs you may be involved in. We offer financial assistance as needed as well as an "Experience Uniform Bin" to help make it easier. 

Registration is $24 per year (prorated if joining later in the year). Boys' Life magazine (optional but highly recommended) is $12 annually for a monthly subscription.

Our $40 annual dues are waived just by participating in our annual popcorn sale at a minimum level. Camperships are available from our our local BSA office for attending council activities. 

What is this Pinewood Derby thing you keep talking about?
Cub Scouts, siblings, and parents get to build and decorate their own racecar using an official kit. But don't worry, you don't have to be an expert woodworker or own a bunch of expensive tools. We hold a Pinewood Derby workshop where we help cut out your car and other things to get you ready. And you have to see our Pinewood Derby to believe it! We have an four-lane, aluminum racetrack with an electronic timing mechanism all computer-controlled with race management software. We hand out over $300 in trophies for division and pack winners, but we emphasize sportsmanship and fun over competitiveness.

And Webelos? What is that?
Webelos--which comes from the phrase "We'll Be Loyal Scouts"--are our older Scouts (fourth and fifth graders). They still do all the cool stuff with the rest of the pack like our racing events, hikes, and parties, but they are preparing to be Boy Scouts, so they have their own camping and other activities they do to help them get ready.